Questions commonly asked by founders and CEOs
What is your area of focus?

Avalerian is an entrepreneurial investment firm looking to acquire B2B SaaS businesses and take over the day-to-day management from the current owner/CEO who is looking to exit.

We are open to both horizontal and vertical software companies.

Who are you backed by?

Our investors include institutional investors such as Trilogy Search Partners, Relay Investments, Miramar Search Partners, Maven Equity Partners, and Applied Equity, as well as CEOs and executives from the software space: Mahesh Rajasakheran (CEO of Cleo), Steve Divitkos (former CEO of Microdea), Sheret Ross (CEO of CarData), and Steve Lau (CEO of FieldEdge and AutoLeap). Please see a full list of investors on our investors page.

How does your process work?
  • Step 1: Intro Call - 30 min
  • Step 2: Sign NDA, perform preliminary analysis, and submit initial offer - 48 hours
  • Step 3: Letter of Intent - 2 weeks
  • Step 4: Due diligence - 60 days
  • Step 5: Close the deal
  • Learn more about our process
What are you looking for in terms of companies?
  • Minimum $4M ARR at time of acquisition, and $3M ARR when we begin discussions
  • B2B SaaS and ~75%+ of recurring revenue as a percentage of total
  • Gross margins >50%
  • Healthy customer retention (95%+ net revenue retention and 90%+ gross logo retention)
  • Owner who is looking to exit within the next 6-12 months
What happens to me and my team post-acquisition?

Our aim to to maintain and grow the existing team. With regards to your role, we are flexible and will discuss this early-on. We would like to have a transition period of 6-12 months during which you train us on your business and hand over knowledge. Thereafter, you are welcome to stay involved in the business, move into an advisory role, or exit altogether.

Why should I partner with Avalerian?
  • We can be very flexible in how we structure the deal, and we can take over management immediately after the deal is closed to provide you with a quick exit.
  • We can structure the deal as largely cash up-front or equity-based earn-out, depending on what works best and what your goals are. We also encourage roll-over equity so that you can receive additional payout further down the line.
  • We run a fast and straightforward process and aim to close deals quickly.
  • Unlike traditional PE, we plan to operate for the long-term. We are focused on long-term growth and value creation.
Do I need to be located in a particular geography?

No. Although we are currently based in USA, but are open to acquisitions across North America, Europe, Israel, and Singapore. We also consider other locations on a case-by-case basis.

What if I don’t have financials ready?

We will request specific information and will walk you through the process to make it as smooth and simple as possible. We can put together financial analysis based on what you share with us.


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