We buy exceptional software and service companies

We enable founders to secure their legacy and move on to their next adventure while participating in the next horizon of growth
Are you a B2B software or services founder?
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We are excited about companies with the following characteristics
Solving a critical pain-point
Product that addresses a mission-critical challenge
Proven product-market fit
Annual recurring revenue of $2.5M+
Fast-growing end market
Growing niche segments with favorable tailwinds
Stable and profitable
Track record
History of revenue for 4+ years
Sticky customers
High retention, low cohort churn, sticky customer base
Forward together
We've listed a few industries that we like. If you're not sure if your business fits the bill, we'd love to talk anyway.
Horizontal software and service solutions across industries
Vertical software and service  focused in a specific niche
Analytics & business intelligence
Financial services & fintech
Payments & sales
Managed Services
Also open to others
Growth and independence for you
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Why sell to us?
Avalerian brings experience, growth, and independence for you
Private equity
Venture Capital
Ability to hand over day-to-day management
We take over management
Often required to remain post-acquisition
Continue running the company
Founder payout
Bespoke terms with full or partial cash exit
Locked into long-term incentive structure
No exit until sale or IPO
Fast and simple process that can work with your timeline
Process can last for months
Months-long complicated process, requiring multiple investors to buy in
Time horizon
Plan to operate for long-term
Goal to sell in 3-5 years
Focus only until next round
Approach to growth
Long-term sustainable growth orientation
Focus on short-term value creation, which often leads to cost-cutting and layoffs
Unsustainable growth fueled by VC capital that pushes company to its limits
30 min
Intro Call
48 hours
Sign NDA
Preliminary analysis
Submit initial offer
2 weeks
Letter of intent
60-90 days
Due Diligence
Deal closed
Exit fast.
Our process emphasizes fast, lucrative exits for software founders
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